b'ADVANCEDCO URSES ( LEVEL 3)PSYCHOLOGYSCIENCE:SOCIOLOGY APPLIED A LevelA Level BTEC NationalThe rst year of this courseIn the rst year you will study provides a general introductionEquivalent to one A Level the Sociology of the Family, to Psychology which is theEducation System and Research scientic study of humanThis course builds upon allMethods. The second year behaviour and experience. three of the sciences, focusingcovers the Sociology of Crime You will develop knowledge,on broadening your under- and Deviance, and Social understanding and skills ofstanding and application ofStratication (life chances). In analysis in relation to a varietyscience, and is specicallyall areas of the course we apply of topics commencing with thefor those wishing to study atheoretical views and debates.main psychological approachesbroad Science course at AKey questions the Sociology to explaining human behaviour. Level standard. You will lookcourse addresses are: Is the into the main principles offamily in decline? Why are some Topics include social inuence,Chemistry, study the structuregroups always disadvantaged biological psychology,and function of cells in Biologyby the school system? Why are cognitive psychology involvingand work with waves in thesome groups labelled deviant memory, developmentalPhysics part of the course. Inor even criminal whilst others psychology involving caregiver- the second year you will carryare not?infant attachments, andout a series of investigations as psychopathology involvingwell as studying diseases andSociology applies critical the causes and treatmentsinfections. understanding to society. It of mental illness. There aredeconstructs our everyday life, signicant componentsASSESSMENT and it examines our taken-for-involving the study of humanThere will be a combination ofgranted assumptions using biology, statistics and researchinternally assessed practicalcontemporary evidence and methods, including how toassignments, and externallysociological theory. You will analyse data and presentassessed examined units. explore the role of institutions ndings scientically. and their impact on our lives. It ADDITIONAL ENTRYis an essay-based subject that Further topics such as genderREQUIREMENTS will help you develop analytical development, aggression,Grade 4 in GCSE Science, Mathsand evaluative skills.schizophrenia and currentand English Language.debates within Psychology areASSESSMENTcovered during the second year. 100% exams.ASSESSMENT ADDITIONAL ENTRY 100% exams. REQUIREMENTSGrade 4 or above in GCSE ADDITIONAL ENTRYEnglish Language and Literature REQUIREMENTS and one Humanities subject.Grade 4 in GCSE Maths, English Language and two Sciences. At least one of the Sciences at Grade 5 would be preferable.65'