b') LEVEL 3 URSES (CO DVANCED ASPANISHSPORTSPORT COACHING COACHING ANDA Level DEVELOPMENT BTEC NationalIf you choose this course you BTEC Nationalwill engage in a wide range ofEquivalent to one A Levelactivities and skills in lessonsEquivalent to two A Levelswhich will be delivered byThis course oers a broad native speakers. You willstudy of the sport sector. The increase your knowledge andqualication is designed toThis is a full-time course in its understanding of aspects of thesupport progression to higherown right and will take twosociety and history of Spain, aseducation when taken as partyears to complete. The course well as other Spanish-speakingof a programme of study thatcovers a range of topics countries. The course willincludes other appropriatedesigned to develop your focus on social issues, politics,courses.thinking, behaviour and physical current aairs and intellectualcompetences. You will look culture, past and present,This is a two-year course,at areas such as anatomy and through literature and cinema.equivalent to one A Level. Youphysiology, tness testing, It will help you to developwill study three mandatorysports coaching and event your critical thinking skills withunits: Careers in Sport, Health,organisation. You will also be critical analysis and evaluationWellbeing and Sport, andgiven the opportunity to develop of the above topics. You willDeveloping Coaching Skillswork-based skills through also need to demonstrate yourin Sport. The opportunity toexperience in various leadership ability to conduct research on acomplete the Level 2 Sportsand volunteering settings.subject of personal interest. Leaders Award will also be This qualication is particularly You will have the opportunityprovided in the second year ofappropriate for learners who to speak Spanish in thethe course. This qualicationare interested in progressing to classroom as well as in smallis particularly appropriate fora career in sports development conversation groups with thea career in sports coachingor coaching either directly (with Spanish assistant once a week.or higher education study ofgoverning body qualications) You will become condent insports coaching and teaching. or via higher education.the use of tenses and complexASSESSMENT ASSESSMENTgrammatical structures. You will100% internal assessment. 100% internal assessment.broaden your vocabulary and will develop translating skills.ADDITIONAL ENTRYADDITIONAL ENTRY There will be an opportunityREQUIREMENTS REQUIREMENTSto take part in a week of workGrade 4 in GCSE Maths, EnglishGrade 4 in Maths, English and experience in Cordoba in theLanguage and a Science, plusScience or the equivalent in second year. an interest in sport. other qualications, and an ASSESSMENT interest in sport.Listening, reading, and writing papers and speaking exams.ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS FURTHER COURSE Grade 6 in GCSE Spanishor equivalent qualication. INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND ATwww.godalming.ac.uk/courses66 WWW.GODALMING.AC.UK'