Bryn Mollet (History and Politics)

I chose to study history and politics as they are subjects that have always really interested me and that I have had a natural passion for. They complement one another very well and I constantly find useful overlaps between the two courses. History appealed to me, as the course offered a wide range of topics to choose from and study, allowing me to learn about areas I already knew but also access new areas of history that I had not previously studied. Politics was not offered as a GCSE at my secondary school, so I looked forward to learning about it at A-Level. I would definitely recommend these subjects to anyone who enjoys reading around history and has an interest in current events, not just in regard to UK politics, but also global politics. 

I have found both history and politics to be really engaging subjects that covers a variety of fascinating topics. In politics there is always good discussion around contemporary events and how they relate to our course and the wider world and also around the core ideologies and their implications for our current society. My favourite topics are UK political parties and looking at socialism. History encompasses some fascinating topics, my particular favourite being the Cold War, the Weimar Republic, and the rule of Henry VI. History also has a coursework element, which is helpful in learning lessons around constructing arguments and handling both primary and secondary sources. Both subjects have further helped me improve on my essay writing skills and articulate points to support my judgements. 

Generally, I have found college to be a really friendly and welcoming environment, with a lovely campus and very helpful teachers, that always ready to support me in both an academic and more general context. 

In the future, I plan to read history and politics at university. This will give me lots of choices and hopefully a wide of range opportunities; I am particularly interested in a career in journalism or working in the civil service. 

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