Frequently Asked Questions

The list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers below are to help guide you through the process of application.  Please email if you have any further questions.

How do I apply?

Applications are completed using our online system. Simply create an account and complete the questions in the application form.

When can I apply?

Each year the College publicises a deadline date for applications. However, we always recommend you apply as soon as possible as this ensures a place at one of our Course Advice Sessions. These are a compulsory part of the application process and take place on designated evenings from September - April.

How many courses can I study?

A full time study programme at Godalming College consists of three core subjects plus Enrichment (which may also include a qualification such as EPQ in the second year). When you apply you will be asked to choose a fourth subject so that you are are also interested in.  This is so that you can experience another course at your Going to Godalming Day, to ensure that you have made the right choices.

How do I know the College has received my application?

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. You will be able to view your application at any time, using the email address and password that you used to make the application. If you have any concerns please contact

How does the College allocate places?

All applicants will be invited to attend a Course Advice Session where you will discuss your course choices with a Course Adviser.  An offer of a place to study on your chosen courses is made subject to you meeting the College's entry requirements for the courses you wish to study. Our Admissions Policy can be found here

What happens once I have submitted my application?

We will email you to acknowledge receipt of your application. We will then check your application and contact you if there is anything we need to clarify. Once this checking process is completed we will contact you to invite you to a Course Advice Session to discuss your course choices. 

How can I print a copy of the application form for my records?

There is no need to print your application form as you will have access online via the Applicants Portal using the email and password that you used to make the application.

Can I complete part of the application form and return later to complete the rest?

The application form is in sections, You will need to complete all the required fields in each section in order to save and move to the next section. You can however log back in at any time to complete the sections that you have missed.

Is there someone I can contact if I have trouble answering any of the questions?

Yes – please contact or the main College telephone number (01483 423526).

I didn't check the application form before I submitted it and have realised there is a mistake.  Should I submit another?

Don't worry if you have missed something out, just contact us at  or the main College telephone number (01483 423526) and we will check or amend whatever is necessary.

I have submitted my form but changed my mind about my course choices, can I make changes to the form now that it has been submitted?

Your one-to-one discussion with an Adviser at the Course Advice Session will enable you to firm up your course choices. If after this point you change your mind, you can contact Admissions, a deadline date for any course changes will be sent to you in the offer letter.

You will have a chance to experience each of your course choices at the Going to Godalming Day and have an opportunity to make changes then.

You are encouraged to think carefully about your chosen course choices to avoid late changes during enrolment where courses may become full. It is not encouraged to rely on swapping or dropping subjects once you have started.

What if I haven't got any predicted grades?

If your school has issued predicted grades to you it is helpful for us to know these on the application so that we can best support you at the Course Advice Session.  If you haven't received any predicted grades at the time of submitting your application, just bring these along to the Course Advice Session.

Your predicted grades are only used as a guide for discussion, we will take a look at your actual GCSE results at enrolment.

What age are students at Godalming College?

Godalming College provides sixth form education for students aged 16-19. Applications for students over the age of 17 at the time of enrolment are considered on a case by case basis.


If I am currently studying overseas can I apply to join the College?

If you are a British Citizen but you have studied overseas we will be in touch with you directly. If are not taking GCSE’s or IGCSE’s we will ask you to apply for a ENIC Statement of Comparability. This tells us if your grades are equivalent to our GCSE entry requirements.

If you have lived overseas for 3 or more years but have British citizenship, we will also ask to see a copy of your passport for our records when you enrol.

If you do not have British Citizenship but you are here as a dependent and have residency for the duration of your studies, we will ask to see your passport and details of your residency at enrolment.

Please contact  if you wish to discuss further. 

How can I find out how my son/daughter is doing at College?

Godalming College closely monitors each student's academic achievements and their personal and social development. Our well-established system of student support and guidance allows students to meet each week with a personal tutor and a tutor group.

Progress reports are sent home throughout the year and parents' evenings provide the ideal opportunity to meet personal and subject tutors. You will also be provided with a login for a Parents' Portal where you can check attendance information and download important documents.

Are students supported in their university/job applications?

Yes, our staff are extremely experienced and we are able to provide extensive support and guidance on applications to all Higher Education courses, employment and gap year opportunities. We have dedicated assistance in the Aspire programme for Oxbridge candidates and those seeking to study on specialist courses such as Medicine or Veterinary. The College has qualified career staff who work closely with external agencies as appropriate to deliver up-to-date and timely information. Further information about the careers department can be found here.

What is the average class size at the College?

There are usually about 17 or 18 students in each class, although some may be slightly smaller or larger.

What is the College timetable like?

Typically the teaching day starts at 08:45 and ends at 16:15 Monday to Friday. Each A level subject or equivalent has four and a half hours of teaching each week. You will be needed in college on all five days of the week. If your first lesson begins after 08:45 you can arrive at any time before it starts. You are encouraged to use your free/study periods productively and there are places where you can do private study, access the computer network, get refreshments etc during the College opening times.

Can I still enrol on a course even if I do not achieve the recommended GCSE grades?

You will need to meet the minimum entry requirements of 5 (Full) GCSEs at grades 9-4 to qualify for an Level 3 Study Programme e.g. A Levels and BTECs at Level 3, plus you will also need to make sure you have achieved the specific grades in certain GCSEs that are required to study specific courses.

When might a reserve list be introduced and if this happens, what are the chances of being allocated a place?

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, a ballot will take place to allocate the remaining spaces.  If an applicant doesn't secure a space in that ballot, thier application will then be held on our system and should anything change the College would be in touch. 

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