Your Application - what happens next?

Once you have submitted your application we will send you a confirmation email. You will be able to access your application again using your account login details that you set up when you applied.  You can send a message at any time using  the messaging facility on your account or you can email

For details of our deadline date and Admissions procedure please see our Applying page.

You can find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions here

Course Advice Session

You will be invited to a Course Advice Session (CAS) to have a one-to-one discussion with a Course Adviser. You will be sent an invitation via email with information on how to book a date and time for your Course Advice Session. All the Course Advice Sessions are now held virtually via Microsoft Teams and take place after school hours for your convenience. 

We will be unable to process your application unless you have successfully completed a Course Advice Session.

Accepting your place

Going to Godalming Days

You will be invited to spend a day at College to take a taster lessons in each of the three subjects you have chosen, plus your back up choice.  We call this your Going to Godalming Day and it takes place just after your GCSE exams have finished. As well as experiencing your course choices you will also have some free time to take a look at our unique +Enrichment programme and experience what College life is like.

Parents will also be invited to a Going to Godalming Parents Evening. This will also be available as a live event online.


It is essential that you attend your enrolment appointment to confirm your course choices. You will be sent an appointment date and time based on when you first made your application to the College.  You will of course have recieved your GCSE results the previous week and we will also have asked you to upload your results to our system via a link in the email. At enrolment we will double check your results and you will have another one-to-one discussion with a course adviser about your course selection. You will also have the opportunity to visit the departments where you will be studying, to have a discussion with one of the teachers.  At this point they might also give you some work to help you understand the course a little more. Once you have successfully completed enrolment you will be a student of Godalming College.

Enrolment for September 2024 takes place on 28th & 29th August.

September Induction

In the week after your enrolment you will also be invited to take part in an induction and orientation session that you will be expected to attend.  These are planned to help you with your transition to College life.  There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and we will ensure that you have everything you need to make your best possible start at Godalming.

Term Dates

All our term dates are available on the website in important dates


Most of our students study three core courses with additional +Enrichment courses.  A typical timetable of study will look similar to the one below.  All students have private study periods, when they are not in lessons to complete homework and consolidate their learning.

Learning Support

If you will need any extra support of any kind whilst you are at College, it is vital that you let us know so that we can support you in the best way possible.
You might have already acknowledged this on your application form and this will help us to provide advice and guidance to you at the Course Advice Session. Visit the Support for Learning page of the website to find out more.

Bursary Fund

The Bursary Fund is available to assist students who may have difficulties in completing their course because of financial considerations and to assist students with unforeseen emergencies.
The Bursary fund helps students with the cost of 
  • Transport
  • Books
  • Equipment
  • Trips
  • Equipment
More information can be found here

Travelling to College

It is really important that you know how you are going to travel to College. Use the following pages of the website to get more information about travel routes and discounts.
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