Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

At Godalming College we believe that every member of the community should feel safe, supported and valued. We consider that in order for you to reach your full potential, you need to VALUE your studies and VALUE each other. Here's our understanding of what equality, diversity and inclusion means:
Value each individual person based on their contributions to the college. 

  • Appreciation – appreciate the diversity of different student populations at the college learning from others’ cultural traditions and consider why different groups of people have different wants and needs.
  • Liberation – ultimately, everybody should have the freedom to be who they are. 
  • Understanding – through educating yourself about how different groups of people have been treated and the plight that many still have to face on a daily basis. 
  • Esteem – respect others having learnt about their experiences; respect promotes positive mental health gained from a sense of self-worth.

Our Key Aims:

  • To fuse equality, diversity and inclusion with teaching and learning in order to encourage a respectful and empathetic ethos
  • To accurately promote a modern, diverse educational community
  • To support and inform the student body about those who identify with protected characteristics within and beyond the college

Who’s who? 
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer - Niamh Sharp

The EDI Officer's role is to oversee and manage equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at the College. They are responsible for providing strategic aims and objectives which are reviewed each year. Students and staff attend meetings across the year to hear their feedback on policies and procedures and discuss the promotion EDI at Godalming College. 

Assistant Principal, Safeguarding and Support - Matt Simpson

The Assistant Principal's role is to ensure that all staff are suitably trained in equality, diversity and inclusion within their teaching, tutoring and support staff roles. They also ensure that EDI is part of the Senior Leadership Team’s focus and oversees how the College is meeting its strategic aims and objectives as well as its statutory responsibilities.

We also have a dedicated Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer of the Students' Union to represent your voices as students.

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