Emilia Sogaard (French A Level)

Case Study

Picking French A level was one of my best choices but also a daunting one. Entering my class was slightly nerve-wracking as some of the other students had previously lived in France. But this did not mean that as someone who was not a native speaker, I was excluded. In fact, throughout my two years, students doing French were always willing to help each other and through the exciting challenge of learning a language I made some great friendships. Frédie, Françoise and Laila all encouraged me and made putting in the work feel worthwhile and rewarding. 

Even through the lockdowns, the French department ensured that French lessons remained interesting, with the teachers constantly checking that we were doing ok with our studies as well as in general. 

A Level French improved my French language skills as well as my knowledge of French culture, both past and present. This allowed me to independently research aspects of the French artistic scene which tied in with my History of Art A Level. This study of France as a country and not just a language reinforced to me the importance of understanding different cultures.

In the future, I would like to carry on with French and push my language skills to learn other languages. Having studied French at college I now feel confident starting another MFL on my own. The A Level has not only inspired me but also made me excited to pick up a new language at university. By choosing French as one of my A Levels I was able to confidently apply for a university course with a year abroad, in fact, most of my choices revolved around this! For me choosing French really did open a lot of doors.

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