Emily Pearce (Geography)

Geography is an incredibly broad subject spanning a wide range of topics from those on the human side such as Global Systems and Global Governance, to Coasts and Hazards on the physical side. One of my favourite topics to study was Hazards since I’m particularly interested in how the human and physical sides of Geography are interconnected and how they interact with each other.

Within the course there are many opportunities for fieldwork which allow for direct applications of what we’re learning in the classroom. I found these trips made what I was learning much more memorable for recall in my exams. 

Geography can be studied alongside a broad range of subjects with topics often overlapping with those from Politics, Law, Biology, Environmental Science etc. I found that there were also links to my Psychology course in the more social side of Geography.

My interest in the more social side of Geography led me to completing an EPQ on the North-South divide seen in England, this has taught me invaluable independent research and essay structure skills which were incredibly beneficial when completing my Geography coursework, as well as for longer answer questions in exams. These skills will be also be helpful at university where I am pursuing a degree in Geography with a year studying abroad, with the current aspiration of eventually teaching Geography.


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