Freya Wild (Art)

 ‘Natural Talent’ is a phrase often used to describe successful artists, however I think this kind of praise misses the mark.

To be a capable artist takes practice and dedication, just as it does any other skill. It takes a wide exploration of medium, a deep understanding of the subject matter, bravery to pick up the raw material and expose your ideas to the critical eye.

This definition might seem daunting, or it might prove to you that anyone can be successful in the arts.

Godalming College not only supplies the resources and space to do just this, but provides rich expertise and feedback from teachers across all the departments. The scope of an art A-level creates opportunity for exploration into numerous subject areas, from architecture to textiles, digital art to sculpture and as a result, is a subject I believe relevant to any interest or career path.

If you have opinions to share, questions to ask or simply enjoy the process of creating, Art is the perfect subject.

Personally, my greatest enjoyment in art comes from creating sculptures. They become 3D puzzles for me to ponder over. I also find great satisfaction in bringing something imagined into real, physical life to be touched and examined from all directions, and the art department has been great in supporting me with this. Next year I am going on to a 1 year art foundation course at university, which is free for students under 19 years old. Here I will continue my passion in sculpture and build on my style as a professional artist.

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