James Casemore (Philosophy A Level)

Case Study

James Casemore was one of our students who worked exceptionally hard during his time with us, graduating from Godalming College in 2020 he went on to study at one of the most prestigious universities in America, Yale University. Currently in his second year, we recently chatted to James about his experience of applying and studying at an American university – you can read that here.

James had early ambitions to attend Yale University and he worked consistently to make this dream a reality. Beginning his college experience with the choice to study four subjects - Philosophy, History, English Literature and Maths – we knew that James was a very determined young adult. This choice to study a range of core subjects allowed him to build a strong knowledge base that was suited to the American academic credit system – learn more about this here. When chatting with James he expressed how his A-Levels, in particular Philosophy, had prepared him for university, "critical thinking and problem-solving, just the ability to look at any kind of problem and be able to come at it from an objective standpoint. Studying Philosophy A-Level allows you to really excel when analysing problems and I think no matter what you study, that is extremely important."

Throughout his studies James was training for the Under 18s GB Rowing Team, this consisted of daily training and regular competitions. With the support of his teachers, he was able to successfully juggle his academic obligations and the associated pressures of a competitive sport. This combination of athletic ability and academic success is valued at American universities, therefore making James the ideal candidate. After a successful ACT test and a few trips to the Yale campus, James was accepted and all his hard work came to fruition.

"During my time at Godalming I have been amazed by the commitment and enthusiasm shown by all staff towards both their subjects and their students. The teaching style is appropriately more mature than secondary education and I have grown to become a true academic in all my subjects. Balancing daily rowing training and regular competitions with 4 intense courses was certainly challenging from a time management perspective but the College provides all the resources possible to succeed and successfully supported me with my ambition to study and row at Yale"

James is an excellent example that anything is possible. So, think to yourself, what are your dreams? How can we support you through your journey to success?

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