Jasper Burvill (Further Maths A Level)

Case Study

I find maths to be an extremely satisfying subject. It is impossible to argue with its logic, and so there is very little uncertainty if you carry it out correctly. There is no fluffy writing, it is entirely based on your ability to understand the rules and spot patterns. I find that a good maths question feels like solving a puzzle, and although at first it often feels like you have no idea what to do with the information that you are given, one by one the pieces start to slot into place, and everything suddenly makes sense. 

I personally find that maths is at its best when you can describe the real world, in all of its complexity, in terms of a few relatively simple, beautiful, equations. This is one of the main reasons why I'm going on to study Physics at University, where I'll be able to put to use the incredibly complex methods of calculus and differential equations, as well as some really wacky and seemingly abstract concepts like imaginary numbers. The difference between what I've learned over my A levels compared to what I knew at the end of my GCSEs is staggering, and I hope that I will find a similar jump in understanding when I progress with my degree.

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