Vishaan Sharma (Law A Level)

Case Study

Law is everywhere, we probably make around 20 contracts a day without realising, everything we do is governed by the law and no one is above the law, we are all accountable for our actions, even the Prime Minister. This kick-started my interest in this valuable subject, learning that the law was not created to only retribute, but it is a system predicated on equality, aiming to achieve the fairest outcome. This was the first topic covered as soon as I started my first year of college, and this was taught whilst I was doing the “Law Next” enrichment, set up by the law department. These two elements were pivotal in helping me to confirm that this is the field that is right for me.

Furthermore, the department encouraged me to visit local courts, such as Guildford Crown Court and The Royal Courts of Justice. Seeing how lawyers argue and give evidence in open court solidified my goal; to become a Barrister. Although the A-level Law is not required to study a law degree at University, it has given me the best insight possible so that I can initiate University with a head start. I most enjoyed the multitude of problem-solving scenarios, these analytical skills are essential for lawyers, and they allow students to assume the role of a lawyer to see what they are faced with on a day-to-day basis. Attending Godalming College is without a doubt the best choice I have ever made, being a student here has been the greatest pleasure, and I really encourage students to attend here. 

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