Lila Marshman (Further Maths A Level)

Case Study

Maths has always been one of my favourite subjects so it made sense for me to take it at A-Level. What I enjoy about Maths is that you already have all the skills and information required to solve a problem - you just need to work out how. Finding how best to piece together information in a logical order really makes you think. Working towards a solution like this is really satisfying.

Further Maths covers a brilliant range of topics. My favourite is Pure but I've also enjoyed Applied Topics. Mechanics and Decision fit well with my other subjects (Physics and CS) and it has been nice to see some content overlap. This allowed me to approach the same concepts from different perspectives. For example, for the Simple Harmonic Motion topic: in FM you learn techniques for solving differential equations that underpin SHM. In Physics you consider the wider physical context - for instance how SHM affects mass-spring systems or pendulums. I've enjoyed learning the applications of Pure techniques.

I'm hoping to study a mixture of Maths, Physics and Computing modules at university. Being a very Maths-heavy degree course, FM will be extremely useful in preparing me for this.

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