Luca Molyneux (Media Studies BTEC)

Case Study

I was 9 years old when I was scared straight by a simple horror series, and it was only after many sleepless nights that I realised, it was all fiction, and the directors of the show had made me feel so much, so many emotions, just through the art-form of film. That’s when I knew I wanted to make movies.

I chose Media BTEC at Godalming since it not only covered a huge amount of hands-on practical film-making skills, but also intended to teach me the many other key aspects of the industry, such as screenwriting, and after two years of learning the subject, I can say with absolute certainty it not only succeeded but excelled on all and more of these factors. Out of the hundreds of lessons, I cannot say I have had a single bad experience, so many aspects form a great working environment, whether it is the infectious passion from all the teachers or the amazing equipment that is ready to be used at any time. I am confident that the knowledge I have learnt will stay with me throughout my entire career, as I progress through film school and into the industry I so desperately want to reach, I will always remember the lessons I had here at Godalming College.

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