Vishaan Sharma (Maths A Level)

Case Study

Since GCSE, I have loved maths because it allows me to take logical steps to arrive at a conclusion. Furthermore, it interests me how algebra can be utilised to create equations applicable generally, the quadratic equation is my favourite! Although some students may experience a jump from GCSE to A level, they can receive help as the maths department provides, at lunch time, drop-in sessions, four days per week, allowing students to get help on any area they struggle with – I have certainly attended these. Something that makes the Maths department, and the College, stand out, is the myriad of resources available for revision, for example, the online textbook (with solutions showing workings out), Jack Browns Maths videos, past paper questions from the old and new specification which is organised into PowerPoints, and various links to Maths related websites. Without a doubt, these resources allow students to master the a-level, perfect for any prospective University maths students. Although I am not doing a Maths degree, I thoroughly enjoy it and I will not be saying goodbye to the subject as I will start maths tutoring. I really encourage all students to come to Godalming College and it has been the greatest pleasure being a student here.

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