Max Taylor (Spanish)

I chose to study Spanish at Godalming because of my interest in exploring a culture and language different to my own. The syllabus at A level covers a range of topics from lots of different disciplines: from the role of Catholicism to Frida Kahlo, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed tackling current and diverse topics, forming my own opinion on real world issues from across Spain and Latin America. Our classes are often interactive with group tasks that get everyone working together which are fun; these focus on building our reading, writing, listening and translation skills. 

One of my favourite aspects of the course has been the weekly speaking sessions that take place in small groups of two or three with a language assistant. Coming from a non-bilingual background, building my confidence speaking has been an exciting and rewarding process. As well as this, our Independent Research Project in the second year was also brilliant. Assessed aurally, you have the freedom to delve deeper into any facet of the course that interests you and address it; I chose the necessity for the repatriation of cultural artefacts to Peru. This section also prepares you with skills for independent life studying at university.

After college, I plan on studying Spanish and History of Art as a joint honours degree at uni, a decision attributed to the course and teachers at college that have ignited my passion for the language. Studying Spanish at Godalming has been a brilliant experience and I highly recommend it! ¡Esperamos verte pronto!

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