Brainiac Blair: Making Studying Fun

Godalming College student Blair Fiander is helping others with their revision and home learning using modern technology such as the social media platforms TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and a Discord Server Channel.  In the November lockdown she started broadcasting live on TikTok, showing how she was revising and organising her studies as a way of motivating herself.

It was immediately popular with her peers all over the country and within a week she was on the Jeremy Vine show talking live on TV with Anne Diamond. She now has more than 267K followers, has been signed up by London talent agent Curtis Brown and has several projects in the pipeline including a documentary.

No one is more surprised than Blair but it has grown so much that she now has ninety co-Brainiacs who are all A grade students either studying A level or at university (some from Godalming College) and they are offering online study via the Blairs Brainiacs Discord Server for anyone from pre GCSE to university.  The concept is that no one has to study alone and that everyone can have company and motivation from others in the group.  

Little did Blair know back in November that we would all be in a third National Lockdown in January and learning would again become remote. Blair and her dedicated Brainiac support has never been more needed even thought they are not sure what exams if any they will be taking this summer.

Godalming College is a great place to study.  My teachers have been fantastic.  I don't see them as much as I would like due to the pandemic but I always feel supported and that I could turn to them at any time.  My days are so busy now and I'm really grateful for my student volunteers, teachers and family, who have helped me on my journey, to help as many students as I can at this challenging time.

To accompany her study sessions, Blair and her Brainiac team are now also offering entertainment and gaming features to the Discord server plus meditation sessions for wellbeing and motivation through movement and dance to get you going in the morning.

Assistant Principal, Carol Horlock says, "what Blair has accomplished is absolutely phenomenal, I can totally understand why Blair's Brainiacs has been so successful, we all need other people! Studying alone can sometimes be tough but having others share how they organise their learning, how they cope with the demands of study and pick themselves up when things aren't very straightforward can be a real inspiration. Blair has tapped into the true nature of young people's desire to succeed and learn. We are delighted that she has captured the imagination of so many students all over the world at a time when it was very much needed.”

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