Olivia Thompson (Politics A Level)

Case Study

I chose politics on a whim in the first year- I have always been interested in current affairs and been good at essay writing, however, it has surpassed all my expectations and I am so glad I took it. I’ve really enjoyed the content of the course, particularly on ideologies which allowed me to understand the foundations our current political parties are built on and why they make the decisions they do, as well as explore feminism and socialism in-depth, two controversial and distinctive topics.

Global politics was an area I knew very little about and enjoyed discovering; from theories of international relations to modern case studies, and incredibly topical debates such as the environment and human rights protection. A key part of why I have loved politics so much has been the engaging teaching of all the staff as well as their efforts to support and form positive relationships with all the students, even with online learning. I would suggest politics as an A level to anyone considering taking history as I have found studying the two complimented each other perfectly, with politics providing a better understanding of the ideologies motivating historical figures and the political context both in Britain and internationally as major historical events took place. I intend to study history and politics at university next year, and I never would have considered taking politics further without studying A level politics at Godalming. 

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