Sarah Jane Coleman (Media Studies A Level)

Case Study

I grew up in Los Angeles with my Dad being a screenwriter and my mother an actress so Media Studies couldn’t have been more perfect for my interests. The coursework is what excited me the most with the opportunity to create my own music video. What I love most about Media Studies is that it was the kickstart I needed to start putting into practice what I loved. I learned how to deconstruct media and challenge what the media presents to us, thinking about the technicality behind creativity.

It gave me the opportunity to go to New York for the first time (where I met Jimmy Fallon I might add). It’s where I made my first official music video, which helped me get into my dream University, Chapman. I took English Language, Drama and Media Studies for A-Level and most things I learned in Media I could apply to English and what I learned in Drama I could apply to Media! It’s a subject for people with opinions; I was the person in the class who didn’t allow for tumbleweed moments. Learning the overview of each media industry, including film, is part of why I’m going to California this fall to study screenwriting at the 6th best film school in the country.

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