German language students and history students visit Berlin

Berlin was a popular learning destination amongst course trips in the spring term. German language students explored the culture, history, and language of Germany’s capital, while A-Level History students visited all the historical sights, like the Nazi concentration camp at Sachsenhausen and the site of the 1945 Potsdam Conference.   


Kiera Jones, German A-Level student writes about her trip: 

The trip to Berlin this Easter was such an amazing opportunity, allowing us to deepen our understanding of this varied and cultural city, both in the past and in the present day. 

Through visits to places like the GDR museum and the Stasi prison we were able to learn in detail about what life was like in the former GDR and the strict protocols that existed there due to its socialist regime. By visiting parts of the Berlin wall that still stand, we got a taste of how life was in the divided Germany. It was fascinating to be able to link the work about German history that we have done in class to this historical city, where traces of the wall and its significance can be seen everywhere. 

In addition, we had the opportunity to develop understanding of the crucial affairs in Germany during and after World War Two. For example, we visited the Cecilienhof Palace, where the Potsdam Conference took place, and the Haus am Wannsee. Although we do not study Germany’s involvement in the war in the German A-Level course, it was fascinating to learn about such momentous events in history first-hand. 

Lastly, one of the best parts of the trip was the exposure we got to the German language and the opportunities we had to speak German, which allowed us to develop our confidence and practise communicating in the language. The evenings were also a highlight of the week, notably the visit to the Reichstag and the meal we had at Potsdamer Platz on the last night.


Bee Case-Green & Bella Hole, A-Level History: Democracy & Dictators write about their trip to Berlin:  

"Our trip to Berlin was both interesting and fun. It was really nice getting to know new people in the college who shared our love of history. The experiences we had, like the trip to the Reichstag and the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, encouraged our learning and we’ll always treasure the memories. We also enjoyed being in a relaxed environment with the teachers and they helped us immerse ourselves in the culture of Berlin". 

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