Charlotte Cragg (Drama and Theatre Studies and Performing Arts)

I chose to take Drama and Theatre Studies and double Performing Arts so that I could just dedicate all my time to my craft which has been a challenging yet greatly rewarding experience. The Performing Arts and Drama courses really complement each other, and I love that within each, you get to cover such a broad range of skills, studying many different styles of theatre, a wide range of plays, practitioners and their techniques which gives you skills and knowledge far beyond the minimum you need to gain a good grade. There are constantly performance opportunities on the courses but even the written aspects are brought to life and explored practically within sessions to ensure it’s still engaging. The Classaction environment is safe enough to be able to play and explore which helps creativity thrive however, you will also have to take risks and be pushed far beyond your comfort zone. I have found that the training is very personalised, and you do have a valued voice so that you can shape the work to the company you have, ensure you are creating work you’re actually interested in. I believe Classaction is a department where the more time you invest, the more you will gain as there is so much to get involved in beyond your subjects, from the full-scale College productions to skill-based workshops, play readings or even directing your own zeitgeist project.

The teachers are incredible as they have so much passion for their subject and genuinely dedicate so much time to every student and the relationship with them feels entirely different to school as you are treated like adults. Whilst the social aspect in the department is also really special as you’re constantly working and collaborating with different people, so you do all bond very quickly. Despite there being a lot of students at College, I find as soon as you go into the department you know everyone and as cringy as it sounds, it does just feel like a big family. I’m now approaching the end of my time at College, and I do just wish I could stay one more year as the whole experience has gone way too quickly. However, I’ve fortunately been offered a place at Oxford School of Drama which is something that would not have been possible without the support and guidance I gained from the teachers within Classaction and the invaluable training I have gained. 



Performing Arts BTEC Diploma

Drama and Theatre Studies A Level


ClassAction (Performing Arts)

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