Esmeralda Selvage (History of Art)

As someone with a love of art but not wanting to pursue a career in the arts, History of Art has been a favourite of mine while studying at Godalming College. The course was appealing to me as I love to learn, particularly about aspects of culture that would not ordinarily be possible. History of Art has opened my eyes in so many different ways, such as giving me a greater understanding of the world around me in terms of both the natural environment and society. My favourite aspect of the course has been to delve deeper into the artistic periods of the 19th century, particularly in France, where styles were rapidly developing and individual movements became reactions against one another. Stemming from anger at the elites of society, avant-garde movements rose, such as Realism, Impressionism, and Art Nouveau. Because of this course, I have also had the privilege of travelling to Paris to admire the works we have studied in person. The Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay were personal highlights, as well as all of the croissants I got to enjoy!

History of Art has also synthesised beautifully with my other subjects: History and English Literature. Having a background knowledge of historical periods from an artistic perspective has allowed me to have a greater insight into the topics I study in both subjects. For example, I am able to link my knowledge of the Expressionist art movement to a play I study in my literature class, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. The course has similarly inspired the topic of my EPQ, which discussed the repatriation of historical artefacts. The initial inspiration of this debate stemmed from a piece studied as part of the first-year content in History of Art - the Benin Bronzes. After College, I will be studying History and American Studies as a joint honours degree at university, a decision that was partially based on my love of learning about art and culture because of History of Art. This subject has been the most rewarding for me as I have been able to experience art through a developed mindset, with a greater appreciation than before. I would thoroughly recommend History of Art to anyone who has an interest in art or history of any form and time period. It is an excellent subject both for people with a creative streak, taking form in a subject like Art or Textiles, as well as someone who enjoys studying the Humanities.


History of Art A Level

History (Rebellion and Revolutions) A level

English Literature A Level




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