Future Fridays – What is it?

Our Future Fridays scheme is a unique programme specific to Godalming College for our Lower Sixth students, it focuses on opening doors and conversations regarding our students’ next steps after College. Consisting of a series of talks, fairs and resources our Future Fridays take place over four consecutive weeks, each focusing on a different pathway; Progression Pathways (week 1), Career Pathways (week 2) and Subject Pathways (weeks 3 & 4).

Progression Pathways (week 1)
The first Friday focuses on progression and the many different routes that our students might progress into, this could be university or apprenticeships. The day begins with live virtual talks which explain why some might choose an apprenticeship and others university, allowing time for questions and discussions to follow.

This then moves into a free flowing Progression Pathways Fair which allows students to visit and chat with a variety of representatives from universities and apprenticeships & gap year providers. Held in the Student Dining area over the lunch period, this is a relaxed affair that allows the students to mingle with the representatives at their own pace, ask questions and discuss their options.

Career Pathways (week 2)
Week 2 focuses on specific careers and begins with focused live talks delivered by organisations from a variety of sectors; Business, Finance & Accountancy, Creative Careers, Employability, Social & Health Care, STEM, Teaching and Technology. Students signed up for the talk of their choice which was delivered by the relevant working professionals, they provided information on qualifications and training, different routes within the sector and top tips for landing your dream job.

Moving then into our Career Pathways Fair which saw over 30 different employers and organisations come into the College to chat with our students. Similar to the Progression Pathways Fair, this was a free flowing lunchtime activity which allowed the students to explore at their own pace, chatting and asking questions to the representatives that interested them most.

Subject Pathways (week 3 & 4)
During this last section of Future Fridays the students had to attend up to 4 live talks focusing on specific subjects and their associated careers. Presented by universities and alumni these talks took a deeper look into the sort of career paths related to the specific subject, what it was like to study the subjects at university and what the students can expect if they decided to take this route.

Split over 2 weeks, Subject Pathways allow the students to gain valuable insight into different subjects they might be interested in taking for future study, as well as allowing them to make informed decisions, this hopefully relieves some of the anxiety associated with choosing their next steps. 

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