Katie Beetson (Environmental Science)

Environmental Science is at its core the study of our earth. Its a subject that, at least in this A level, covers an incredibly wide variety of topics - I believe there is one for everyone interested. This ranges from conservation to pollution to agriculture. Although at first, I entered the course with a particular interest in the biology of conservation, it has given me an interest in all things environmental -  including but not limited to energy resources which although is not where my future career lies, it has given me respect for the topic. As for the A level itself, it is an almost purely content based subject - although there are practicals dotted around the course as data collection is essential to any scientific research. The course is very well supported by the teachers who have a genuine interest in your wellbeing and are willing to help with content or expand your interest into any topics - and they are open to conversations about their careers if this will further develop your interest into the subject. Overall, I believe the knowledge gained in this A level is essential for everyone to know due to the appreciation and understanding of your actions it gives - even if you aren’t planning to have a career in Environmental Science.


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