Lottie Forsyth (Psychology)

I’m a current student at Godalming College studying Psychology alongside History (Democracy and Dictatorships) and History of Art. I knew from the outset that Psychology was going to be the course that would be completely unique to me, especially as there were various overlaps between my two other subjects, and that’s what initially drew me to the subject – there’s nothing else like it! There have been various parts of the course which I have been able to relate to my own life experiences, and that’s exactly why I find the lessons so intriguing. 

Studying biopsychology in the first year was definitely the highlight of the course for me as I found learning about the influence of anatomical abnormalities on our behaviour extremely fascinating. For example, one topic of biopsychology you will study is split-brain research, where individuals have had their corpus callosum severed, resulting in their two hemispheres being unable to communicate with each other and how this goes on to inhibit their visual and language abilities. Another part of the course I found particularly engaging was issues and debates, the last topic taught on the course here at Godalming. Being able to apply the psychological knowledge I had obtained on the course to contemporary arguments in society I’m sure will be extremely beneficial to my future studies in this subject at university in September.

In terms of the staff, I’ve had three teachers in my time here and, without wanting to sound too biased…, they’ve all been absolutely fantastic - in class a great balance is struck between both individual and group work, so there’s the ability for everyone to contribute their viewpoints to a particular topic as well as you being able to interpret content in your own way. They also keep you on track with your work so despite it being a content-heavy subject, if you follow their supportive guidelines you won’t end up feeling overwhelmed when it comes to the final pre-exam season! 

As I mentioned earlier, I’m looking to study Psychology at university after my time here and I feel nothing but prepared and excited for what future studies in Psychology holds for me. I think that the teachers should be given real credit for creating students that have developed a genuine passion for the subject in such a short amount of time. 


Psychology A Level

History Dictators and Democracy 

History of Art



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