The POC Society organised our very first Culture Day!

The POC (people of colour) Society has been growing in numbers since it began last year, created by one of our Upper Sixth pupils, Esraa Farghaly. She built the Society for students of colour and allies, to share their culture through food and media, and make new friends around campus. Esraa put on workshops throughout the year to help the Society members navigate the UCAS website, supporting them through their university application process. She also created a Culture Day, where members of the POC Society were able to share parts of their culture with each other and other students around campus.

Culture Day was set and the team got to work decorating the Bistro with an array of flags, beautiful wall hangings and even a red carpet. A bake sale was organised to raise money for the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) and our fabulous catering team organised Lebanese food to be served from this area of the College to bring include other students.

Everything was set, the food was ready, and the students looked amazing in their cultural clothing! As the lunchbreak started and the students emerged from their lessons, the Bistro started to attract some attention. The smell of Lebanese food and the temptation of baked goods is more than enough to draw a crowd. Throughout this lunchtime event the Bistro was transformed into a pocket of laughter and joy, the POC Society members chatted, joked, and took pictures, while the students ate and donated together.

It was a fabulous event that we hope becomes an annual occasion! A big thank you to Esraa for creating this event and the POC Society members for coordinating the day. As Esraa gears up for her next chapter at university, the POC Presidency has been passed to the next in line, our very own SU President, Nour El Sherry! We are so excited to have Nour run and coordinate these two cohorts, bringing them together to create celebratory and inclusive events over the up and coming year.

Good luck in your next chapter Esraa! You have brought something so special to the College and to the students who you have touched along the way. We have no doubt that you will continue to excel at whatever you chose to do and we cannot wait for Nour to take over this role.

See what the POC Society are up to this year by following their new Instagram page... click here.

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