Year 10 Discovery Courses

If you are in year 10 and considering what you want to study in year 12, why not attend one of our Discovery Courses.  There are 19 subjects to choose from, it only requires one hour of your time and it could introduce you to some new and exciting subject choices for A Level and BTEC.

The Discovery Courses will help you understand what the content of each subjects is, how it is studied and how it can be applied. You will find out whether this is interesting to you, how the subject fits your strengths and skills and how this will help you progess to a career in the future.

The Discovery Courses are from 4.30pm - 5.30pm each Tuesday afternoon from 6th  - 27th June.  You are welcome to just book one course or a series of courses, (one from each week).  The courses are completely free but places are limited. Use the 'Book Tickets' button at the bottom of the page to apply. 

Choose from

6th June 2023

Introduction to Music Production - FULL

Learn how to build a song using a digital audio workstation. Import and edit audio loops, input a simple chord progression using a MIDI keyboard, manipulate samples and sequence MIDI parts to create a music performance.

Introduction to Politics

Concerned about events in Ukraine and wondering what countries can do to bring it to an end? Interested in how decisions are made at a global level? Intrigued by events in the USA: with gun laws up for discussion following the horrendous events in Texas and abortion laws potentially about to be changed? Come along to the Politics A Level taster session where you will have the opportunity to find out about our two different courses (Global and US options) and discuss world and British political events.

Problem Solving in Law - FULL

Not many people know that Law requires a good degree of problem solving. This course introduces you to some of these skills and tells you about what Law A Level consists of and why it's a valuable course to take if you are thinking of heading in this direction.

Modern Foreign Languages - choose from French, German or Spanish

If you like to travel or are thinking of working or doing business abroad, being able to speak another language opens exciting doors of opportunity. A languages A Level course teaches you to speak French, German or Spanish through a variety of topics, so that, by the end of the two years, you will be able to express ideas and opinions on a wide range of subjects. As a well-rounded academic course, the skills you learn are highly regarded by both universities and employers. In our globalised world, the ability to speak another language is seen as a huge asset to many, if not most, companies. In addition, with many UK companies wishing to maintain strong European relationships post-Brexit, languages will only continue to grow in importance. As degrees are now more commonplace, any added skills that you can bring to the table will see you become a stronger contender for a job. Come and find out more about the courses available at Godalming College, and where a language can take you.

13th June 2023

Developing Monologues in Performing Arts 

Join us for our Drama and Performing Arts workshop as we guide you through how to approach monologues as an actor, exploring the decisions you make and looking at techniques & tips to improve your performance. A practical, ‘hands on’ session adding to your actor’s toolkit.

IT: Influencing through Social Media campaigns - FULL

One of the IT core units develops skills to create and run a social media business campaign. In this session you will plan and create social media posts designed to have maximum impact for your target audience.

"It's all Greek to me"...An Introduction to Ancient History

The taster session is designed to give you a sense of what it is like to study Ancient History at Godalming college and will focus on the Greek side of the course which is 50% of your A level. In the A level itself this will be studied alongside Ancient Rome which will make up the other 50%. This session will focus on Athens and Sparta and students will get a chance to explore key differences between the two city states and learn more about what it meant to be an Athenian or Spartan. This will cover their military outlooks, cultures, religion and political structures

The Power of the English Language

Language and Linguistics – discover more about the most powerful tool you can possess, our language, and see how it changes minds.

Environmental Science 

In order to meet our goal of becoming a carbon neutral country we will have to rely on natural processes to absorb and store the carbon dioxide we release. Environmental Scientists need to be able to measure carbon stores like forests to estimate how much they can hold. We will examine a method of doing this, and discuss why it’s important to have this information, and how it can be used by policy makers to help fight climate change.

Philosophy...The Big Questions 

Philosophy attempts to deal with questions that come naturally to children, using methods that would be more familiar to lawyers, mathematicians and scientists. Questions like: “Does everyone else see the world like I do?”, “Why should I listen to my parents/teachers?”, “Could this all be a dream?”, “Can robots be conscious?” and more. We will look at some of these questions you may well have asked yourself and see what great thinkers of the past and present have had to say. Bring your own questions too, and prepare to think hard!

20th June 2023

Introduction to Drawing Skills

Godalming College Art Department believes everyone can be an artists and they get the results to prove it! Come along and have fun experimenting with a range of exciting drawing techniques – you don’t need to be studying Art GCSE to join in! Time to make your mark!

Art Through the Ages..Introduction to the History of Art A Level

History of art is a way of looking at the past and the present, to understand changes in art and architecture and the factors which contributed to their developments, from the classical era to the present day. At one time, the Church was considered the chief sponsor of Western art, this influence declined until, centuries later, the devastation of two World

Wars prompted us to reflect on the importance of life and our relationship with faith and one another. For those students interested in the Sciences, you will see how scientific discoveries had a major impact on the art of the 19th Century, allowing painters to show the world in a new way. Many of you will be familiar with ancient locations such as Pompeii, but are you aware of the impact its ‘re-discovery’ had on the art and architecture of Europe and the United States during the late 1700s? All of you will have heard of William Shakespeare, the famous 16th Century playwright, but why did his works suddenly become popular again with painters of the Victorian era? Every artist and architect is influenced by the times they live in, some break the rules, others continue traditions but all use their creativity to make us see, question and learn. And in this session you will have the opportunity to do that.

Travel and Tourism

Most people have experienced tourism, whether it’s enjoying a week’s package holiday in Spain or trekking in the Andes Mountains of South America or even a school trip to a museum in London. By any measure Travel & Tourism is a vast industry – so what’s it all about? Why do people travel? Who are the organisations that enable us to travel? Why are some destinations so popular? What impacts does Travel & Tourism have on the environment. the economy and people? In this session you will be planning a trip for a client while considering the answers to these questions.

English Literature

Get a taste of how A Level can liberate you into independent critical thought. Get stuck into some great writing and some big ideas.

Psychology/Sociology - FULL

Join us for a taster session of Psychology and Sociology as we review the two subjects and look at their range of perspectives which attempt to explain human behaviour. Sociology, with its focus on culture, social behaviour, and relationships. Psychology, with its focus on human Biology, evolution, upbringing, and conflict of the mind. We will explore the differences and similarities between the two subjects, whilst also giving you a taste of what studying these subjects will entail.  

27th June 2023

Dance - Commercial and Jazz

Join the dance department for our exciting Commercial and Jazz based workshop. Explore a range of choreographic devices. Work as a duet and in small groups to create an end product and explore what it's like to be part of the Department.

Economics - FULL

Why are prices increasing? Why do I have to pay tax? What role does the Government play in ensuring I am a healthy, happy individual? Was BREXIT a good idea? Where does money come from? These are the types of questions that an Economist might ask? Economics is a social science and students studying it often move into careers areas such as Accountancy, Finance, Insurance and Business. This introductory session will be a series of debates and discussion over some of the key issues in the news today using some basic Economic Analysis.

Debates in History FULL

Perhaps you have loved studying History at GCSE, or perhaps you left it behind in year 9 and have become more interested in it since - either way come along to the History A Level taster session to find out more about what it's like to study History at A Level. We will be exploring topics linked to our two popular courses (Democracy and Dictatorship and Revolutions and Rebellions) through a mixture of activities we use on the courses, including debates, discussions and group work.

Creative Writing

Language and Literature – the art behind great stories. Pull apart a narrative and write one yourself, with advice from a published writer.

Don't Forget

Don't forget that our Open Evening is on 5th July and you will have an opportunity to bring your parents to discuss your choices further.


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