Geography A Level

(equivalent to one A Level)

A Level | AQA

With a range of topics, whether you are interested in landscapes or sustainability, studying geography will provide you with knowledge and transferable skills.

We are offering the AQA A Level Geography specification:

Method Topic %
Paper 1
  • Water and Carbon Cycles 
  • Coastal Systems and Landscapes 
  • Hazards 
Paper 2
  • Global Systems and Global Governance 
  • Changing Places - Contemporary Urban Environments 

Independent Investigation This must include data collected in the field and will be based on a question or issue defined, and developed by the student relating to any part of the specification content.

Course details

What are the entry requirements?

A minimum of five GCSE subjects at grade 4 or above, including English, Maths and Science and also Geography if studied.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment Topic Assessment  %
Written Exam Physical Geography 2h 30m - multiple-choice, short answer, levelled medium level answers and extended prose. 40%
Written Exam Human Geography 2h 30m - multiple-choice, short answer, levelled medium level answers and extended prose. 40%
Non-examined assessment Coursework - fieldwork NEA Independent fieldwork investigation 20%


What extra work can I do?

  • Read a quality newspaper – cut out articles on topics relevant to the syllabus and bring them to College.
  • Watch TV programmes on Geographical topics, and if possible record them. 
  • Subscribe to Geography Review - this is a magazine aimed at A Level geography students. Subscription details are available in the Geography rooms.

What skills will I learn?

Students will experience a wide range of teaching and learning strategies that will develop the skills required by the syllabus. A wide range of materials and resources will be used. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to take an active and constructive part in classroom discussions and exercises. 

You will be required to carry out 4 days of compulsory fieldwork with associated costs. The fieldwork will consist of day trips and/or a residential trip. The fieldwork will contribute to your skills development, relate directly to the content you are studying and prepare you for your Independent Investigation.
Students will develop their skills in note-taking, essay writing, listening, observation, recording, group activity, statistics, data presentation, data analysis and examination techniques.

Geography assignments will provide suitable material for students to include in their key skills portfolios for the application of number, communication and information technology.

Geographers learn a wide range of skills which makes them very adaptable and which opens up a wide range of careers opportunities.

What is the department like?

The Geography Department is based in two large classrooms in the Goodridge Building. 

The staff are enthusiastic about Geography and provide motivating and inspiring lessons across the course in supporting student learning and progression. 

There are typically over 200 students studying Geography. 

During your studies, you will develop key skill areas including literacy skills through essay writing; numeracy skills through data presentation, interpretation and analysis, and statistical calculations; and ICT skills through the research and presentation of data in an Independent Investigation. 

The Geography course aims to inspire and equip students with a variety of skills to prepare them for Higher Education and employment opportunities

Future Careers and Progression

What are the progression routes for this qualification?

Geography will go with a wide variety of subjects and almost any subject combination is possible. Many students will go on from College to take a degree course in Geography or a related subject such as Environmental Science or Earth Sciences. 

The growing importance of leisure and recreation activities, the increased need for resource management and the growing concern for the environment are three recent developments that will ensure continued demand for geography students. Many students enter careers that appear to be unconnected with Geography e.g. Accountancy and Personnel Management.

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'Geography is the subject which holds the key to our Future' ~ Michael Palin

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