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Law affects everything we do, it is difficult to identify an aspect of how we live that isn't impacted by Law. The course gives you the opportunity to find out how laws are made, what they are and how they impact our lives.

Law is a topical and evolving subject and we regularly refer to current news items and events to illustrate and reinforce your studies. In Year 1 you will learn about the system of courts, both criminal and civil, how the law is made and the general principles of liability in Criminal Law and Tort.

In Year 2 you will study Contract law where you will learn about the formation of contracts, breaches of contract and further Criminal & Tort topics. In Criminal Law, you will learn about offences such as murder, manslaughter and theft, and in Tort, you will learn about negligence, occupiers liability as well as nuisance. You will also study some of the philosophical concepts of law – for example, the relationships between law and morality and law and justice.

  • Law is relevant and topical.
  • Law is not just a subject, it is training, it instils a way of approaching problems…and life!
  • Law combines successfully with any subject.
  • Law will take you anywhere-it is recognised as a strong and rigorous discipline.

Please watch the video for more detail and a further breakdown of what you study for A Level Law guide. 

Course details

What are the entry requirements?

A minimum of five GCSE subjects at Grade 4 or above including English and Maths.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment Topic Duration
Exam Crime 2 hours
Exam Tort 2 hours
Exam Contract 2 hours

There is no coursework and you do not have the choice as to which questions to answer, which requires you to learn all content of the course (so please do look at the Further breakdown for what you study for A Level Law guide, as there is a lot of content to learn). 

What extra work can I do?

Bring law to life and see the impact of why we need law in society. Be in the habit of regularly watching the news and focus on areas on the news that involves the law. This could be the outcome of a trial being reported, or the start of one, if it really interests you, follow a case through to see the outcome and look into the specific legal issues for the case.

Look out for court decisions from the appeal only courts which are the Supreme Court & the Court of Appeal, try to find out about the cases in more detail and what this case decision means, (as this is what we really look into on the course).

Look for law being created or amended in Parliament or by the Government and consider the impact that this will have on you and within society. Also, visit your local court and watch a case first hand. If this interests you, you are choosing the right course!

What skills will I learn?

We study Law through a combination of class discussion, independent study and research. You will be expected to investigate in advance of studying topics (flipped learning), which is developed further in class through a discussion of current events and cases. Your Assignments will require you to research these topics further, to plan and write some essay's but mainly problem answers, which require you to explain and apply the law, using legal authority to support your answer. This will prepare you for the exams and to check your understanding of a topic.  

Within the A level course, you will develop valuable skills of critical thinking, problem analysis/solving, the ability to construct arguments, learn and explain legal authority and express these clearly and precisely. These valuable transferable skills, sit well with your other A Level choices and will enhance your success across your programme of study.

What is the department like?

The Law Department comprises of three, highly experienced, law teachers, with both legal, professional and academic qualifications. We each draw on our professional and legal experiences to support our teaching and encourage you into taking law further. Our priority is to enable you to achieve the best possible results, through an interest in and engagement with the subject, and by supporting you as you develop both your knowledge and understanding of Law and the necessary study skills. Most of all – we want you to enjoy studying Law!

Future Careers and Progression

What are the progression routes for this qualification?

A Level Law is recognised by all universities. If you are considering studying Law at university, it is a really beneficial introduction to the challenges and demands of the subject. Many of our students do go on to take degrees in Law or Law related subjects. Equally, the skills you develop while studying A Level Law make it good preparation for studying a wide range of non-Law subjects – for example, History, Maths and Business.

For students not intending to continue to Higher Education, again, the combination of subject knowledge and study skills make A Level Law a valuable and useful qualification. CILEX and Law Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular. We run and promote a wide range of law careers events for you to gain valuable insights into the legal profession and have close links with the University of Law. 

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